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Education is an Intangible Purchase

Ironside is a leading innovator in the rapidly evolving world of business analytics. Since 1999 we have helped organizations ranging from Fortune 500 members to startups solve core business challenges through best-of-breed analytics technology. To meet the needs of our clients, we have trained thousands of people in the clear use, understanding, and application of business analytics software. 

We take our real-world experience and apply it in the classroom. Our proven teaching techniques and custom instructional material will quickly get you up to speed on effectively applying what you learned back at your organization. No matter what skill or experience level, we speak and teach to people on a level that is comfortable, non-threatening and open to discussion and learning.

How We Train People

Our goal has always been education first. We have always place the learning process and participant mastery of the material as the goal. We are extremely successful doing this by:

Building Confidence

All people, no matter how successful or experienced, usually have some angst about learning a new topic or taking a more advanced class. We minimize people’s fears through unique techniques honed by years of classroom experience. Carefully constructed exercises create “little victories” before tackling more difficult assignments. We encourage participants to make mistakes in class so they can learn by doing.

Encouraging Competence

A major strength of our classes are excellent exercises. Completing these exercises assures a thorough understanding of the material, and the ability to use it at your productively at your company.

Creating Challenge

There is a fine line between challenging people and breaking their spirits. We challenge people to that point… and let them move up to the next level when they are ready.


Training Course Catalog

A big part of making smarter decisions through data is education. Ironside has over 17 years of data and analytics training experience, and our seasoned instructors will make sure you get the technical skills you need to succeed. We focus deeply on these technologies and tailor our course experiences and materials to your specific needs.

Our course catalog includes classes presented through the real-world experience of our certified instructors. This is our core training list, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for please reach out and see how we can help.

To view upcoming Online Instructor Led classes, visit our event listings page.


Business Intelligence Training


Advanced Analytics & Data Science Training




Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which isn’t answered below, please submit it using the form included on this page.

  • Which is the right course for me to attend?
    • Depending on your level of expertise in a topic we offer both fundamental and advanced training courses. If you are new to a topic we recommend starting with fundamentals or introductory course. If you need help determining which course would best fit your needs contact one of our training specialist to make the most out of your training.
  • What are the requirements for running a private course?
    • When booking a private course you can run any course either onsite or at a facility of our own. There is no minimum for the amount of attendees; however, private training is more cost effective for a group of employees. Our pricing model is based on 1- 12 attendees or 13-20 attendees. Please contact our training specialist for more information on private training
  • What time do courses start and end?
    • Most courses start at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM in the local time zone, unless otherwise noted on the course description.
  • Is there any preparatory work required before attending a course?
    • There is no preparation is needed prior to attending your course. Just come ready to learn.
  • Do I need to bring anything to the course?
    • You do not need to bring anything all necessary course material is included in the tuition.
  • Can I purchase course materials without attending?
    • Our course materials are only available those who attend a course and are not for sale.
  • Do you provide consulting services?
    • Our training courses are designed to offer students the tools and techniques they need to apply what they have learned to the workplace. In fact, our students are encouraged to bring real world problems to the classroom so our instructors can provide real world solutions. However, for companies who would like assistance in implementing these solutions we do offer consulting services.
  • Will I need do download any software for my computer?
    • You will not need to download any software to participate in an online course. All necessary software is provided through our cloud-based training lab.
  • Will I be able to test the training lab prior to the start of my class?
    • A week before attending an online training course you will receive test links to make sure you can access an online course. If you cannot access the training lab a member of our tech team will work with you to troubleshoot any problems.


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