IBM Cognos Framework Manager Advanced


This two day course is designed for advanced Framework Manager Modelers. Topics such as SQL generation, optimizing and tuning projects, as well as more advanced topics such as leveraging parameters and macro functions will provide your IT staff with the knowledge necessary to build both flexible and optimized metadata models. 

One of the challenges facing information managers today is the need to inter-relate different sources and types of information. Understanding the structure and architecture of the data make the above-mentioned scenario possible; metadata is the means by which this happens. Whether it is an ERP system or an e-commerce system that needs to exchange data between proprietary applications, IBM Cognos Framework Manager is the correct application for organizing and reporting on inter-related disparate data sources.


Course Outline

This two-day instructor-led metadata modeling course is best fitted for professional metadata modelers.

During the session, students will dive into the more obscure Framework Manager lifecycle options. Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, question and answer sessions, and tips and techniques drawn from over 15 plus years of cross industry experience.


The curriculum is based on the most recent version of IBM Cognos Framework Manager, and uses the sample data sources included in the IBM Cognos BI Samples package.

All our instructors are IBM Cognos certified relational data modelers. They also provide the benefit of having up to 15 years of real-world experience.

Our manuals are aimed at self-study.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows is mandatory in order to navigate.

Prior IBM Cognos Framework Manager knowledge is required.

High-level Curriculum

  • Query generation architecture overview
  • Cognos SQL vs. Native SQL
  • Aggregation rules
  • Multi-fact/multi-grain queries
  • Common data trap overview
  • Leveraging session and custom parameters
  • Use of macros
  • Extra Features