IBM Cognos SDK Developer


Over the course of 3 days, report developers, as well as Java, VB .NET, and C# developers new to IBM Cognos BI will be taught the fundamentals of extending, customizing, and embedding Cognos BI processes. Topics will include implementing security, managing content, and automating IBM Cognos tasks.

You can seamlessly integrate and automate all elements of the Cognos BI suite of tools using the Software Development Kit (SDK). This API allows Java, VB .NET, and C# developers to get at all the Web Services beneath the covers of their Cognos implementation, thus permitting the manipulation of items such as user authentication, single sign-on, report execution and maintenance, and the Cognos portal. This type of development is often required in highly customized environments to implement single sign-on or embed Cognos BI into other applications. It can also extend virtually any organization’s administration and reporting

Based on a proven training curriculum, the Ironside’s instructor-led SDK course highlights the customization and automation of tasks associated with IBM Cognos BI.


Course Outline

This three-day instructor-led course is best suited to the following audiences:

  • Report developers wanting to extend their Cognos BI knowledge and skills
  • Java, VB .NET or C# developers wanting to understand the IBM Cognos SDK API.

During this class, students will begin with a review of Web technologies such as XML Web Services, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

An in-depth analysis of the IBM Cognos SDK will follow, consisting of an overview of the SDK and its uses, as well as a look into user authentication and the retrieval of application content.

The final day will cover topics such as running reports and passing parameter values to them with the SDK, as well as updating and adding application content.

Each topic will be highlighted with in-depth workshops, Q&A sessions, and tips and techniques drawn from over 15 plus years of cross industry experience.


The curriculum is based on the most recent version of the IBM Cognos SDK , and uses the sample data sources included in the IBM Cognos BI Samples package. For an even more enriching experience, the course content can be entirely customized to any customer’s environment, including, but not limited to the tutorials and workshops.

All our instructors are IBM Cognos certified report authors. In addition, they provide the benefit of having up to 15 years of real-world experience.

Our manuals are aimed at self-study.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and the Office suite is mandatory.

High-level Curriculum

  • Review of Web Services and Technologies
  • Overview of the IBM Cognos SDK
  • Authenticate Users with the SDK
  • Retrieve IBM Cognos Content
  • Execute Reports with the SDK
  • Pass Parameter Values to Reports
  • Create and Modify Application Content