IBM Cognos Analytics Report Authoring Fundamentals


IBM Cognos Analytics, also known as IBM Cognos 11, is a modern, flexible BI platform packed with powerful capabilities for both enterprise reporting and data discovery. This course gives new report authors the knowledge foundation needed for success with Cognos Analytics reporting, highlighting the navigation, formatting, data manipulation, and visualization tasks commonly executed in the platform. You’ll see how Cognos Analytics’ intuitive, unified reporting interface makes it easy to create and share the data outputs needed to give your organization actionable insights.


Course Outline

Ironside’s three-day IBM Cognos Analytics Report Authoring Fundamentals course introduces the Cognos Analytics reporting interface to report authors starting out with the platform, building the skills needed to comfortably move through it and leverage its core functionality.  We’ll explore where all the key components are located, how and when each one is used, and what proven practices exist around them. You’ll get comprehensive hands-on experience every step of the way, preparing you to perform the activities expected of you in your day-to-day work.

Course Goals

Introduce the Cognos 11 interface and its elements.

Examine the report types available and understand how and when to use each one.

Manipulate and fine tune package data and data modules through filters and calculations.

Utilize complex formatting techniques like prompts, conditions, and layout references.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and Office is mandatory.

Table of Topics

  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Cognos Analytics Navigation
  • List Reports
  • Crosstab Reports
  • Report Formatting Techniques
  • Filters
  • Prompts
  • Calculations
  • Charts
  • Map Reports
  • Repeater Tables and Repeaters
  • Report Formatting Techniques
  • Singletons
  • Additional Report Building Techniques
  • Conditional Formatting