Insight 2015 Recap: Applying and Scripting Precise Security on Report Studio Reports with Wayne Estrada

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The deep BI knowledge of Ironside’s Education Services department was showcased this year at IBM Insight 2015. Wayne Estrada, one of our most experienced Senior Technical Instructors, delivered an in-depth session on a topic that is often a chief concern for many IBM Cognos environments: report security. Using advanced techniques in Report Studio, Wayne showed participants how to create customized security protocols that exactly meet their environment’s security needs and fine-tune report responses based on security requirements.

Presentation Highlights

During his session, Wayne covered several report security techniques that go beyond simply using permissions and groups in Cognos Administration or defining package security in Framework Manager. The methods he discussed offered far more refined options that were sensitive to many contextual conditions common in the modern analytics workplace.

Report Studio Security Expression Syntax

Security example detailing conditional expression evaluation from Wayne’s presentation.

Wayne’s main talking points on Report Studio security included:

  • Overviews of what report security is and what threats are out there
  • Methods for password protecting reports
  • Options for limiting originating network addresses
  • Ways to restrict how report objects like columns and data containers display based on who views them
  • Settings to make reports available only during specific time periods
  • Instructions for dynamically filtering reports based on the credentials of the executing user

Next Steps

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