Insight 2015 Recap: Real World Predictive Policing with Greg Bonnette

predictive policing pulled over image

This year at IBM Insight 2015, Ironside had the unique opportunity to tell one of our most compelling recent customer stories: how Manchester PD used Ironside’s IronShield predictive policing platform to implement some highly effective crime reduction strategies. Greg Bonnette, our VP of Strategy & Innovation, delivered the presentation on behalf of Manchester PD, who IBM had selected as a presenter, and highlighted the components of IronShield and the results that Manchester PD is getting out of it.

Presentation Highlights

During his session, Greg recounted Manchester PD’s evolution from their point of view, touching on the factors that influenced them to search for a better way to protect their city, tying those factors to wider trends across the US, and recognizing the leadership roles that Manchester Chief of Police Nick Willard and Officer Matt Barter of the Crime Analysis/SWAT unit played in driving the project forward. He also discussed the details of the IronShield platform and the benefits that both the IBM SPSS Modeler product and Ironside’s Data Science & Analytics team provide when delivering this structured yet flexible and open predictive policing solution.

Greg Insight Predictive Policing Presentation

Greg Bonnette (left) shows the IronShield platform in action.

Greg’s main talking points included:

  • Facts around Manchester, NH’s particular crime atmosphere as the city’s officers see it, including its population, area in square miles, number of sworn officers, and the heroin epidemic affecting New Hampshire
  • Information on the needs that Manchester PD isolated and how they started to address them
  • Details on the criminology theories upon which IronShield’s predictive hot spots module is based
  • Visuals displaying the product in action overlaid on the streets of Manchester
  • Specs on the products used in the hot spots module, including IBM SPSS Modeler and ESRI ArcGIS
  • Results showing the major impact IronShield has had in the community
  • A video case study showing Manchester PD officers and Ironside data scientists explaining in their own words why IronShield works

Next Steps

If you’re curious about starting a predictive policing journey in your community, Ironside can help. We’ve got the background knowledge, the tools, and above all the proof that our platform can truly make a difference. Download a copy of the Real World Predictive Policing presentation and check out these additional predictive policing resources: