Ironside Group Announces Support for Mid-Market Business Analytics Solution

The Ironside Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of sales, consulting and training for IBM Cognos Express, an all-in-one business intelligence and planning solution purpose-built and priced for the mid-market. With IBM Cognos Express, released on September 14, 2009, the power of business analytics is now within the reach of organizations that once considered a comprehensive solution too costly. Ironside leverages its vast experience from various industries to bring this solution to mid-size companies effectively and at a significantly lower cost.

In today’s world, sophisticated data analysis is essential to gaining a competitive advantage, as well as for meeting compliance and audit requirements. IBM Cognos Express offers clients a low-cost and low-risk, integrated approach to planning, analyzing and reporting performance, identifying trends, and ultimately helping businesses make smarter decisions. Structured to evolve as the business continues to grow, IBM aims to continue to meet the analytical requirements of the midmarket with its newest IBM Cognos Express release.

“One of the most common pain points identified by the senior staff at mid-market organizations is the realization that while a BI solution would provide them with a significant competitive advantage, they have an inability to fund the technology and staff needed to build and support such an endeavor,” said Dan Hess, Co-founder of The Ironside Group. “IBM Cognos Express will provide organizations of this size the capability to manage and use their information more efficiently.”

As a Software Value Net partner of IBM, Ironside consultants are prepared and certified specifically in IBM Cognos Express.Please contact us at or 781 860 8840 x201 to schedule a meeting to discuss.

About The Ironside Group, Inc.
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