Ironside Receives “Most Innovative” Award


LEXINGTON, MA, Jan. 29, 2018 – Ironside, an enterprise data and analytics firm, has been awarded “Most Innovative with Data as a Differentiator” by Pitney Bowes, a global technology company that provides innovative products, solutions and data to power commerce.

“Ironside is honored to receive this award from Pitney Bowes. Our partnership has enabled us to merge Pitney Bowes’ data with our analytics capabilities to innovate and develop solutions to solve our clients’ greatest business challenges.”

-Tim Kreytak, CEO, Ironside

Today, as more people understand the importance of data and the numbers of data sources continues to increase, it’s no longer enough to work with internal data. External data sources provide many opportunities to enrich information a business already has, and to improve the business value of their analytic solutions.

Innovative Award

The expanding availability of external data sources speaks to their growing business value. Businesses which leverage this data can see great improvements in analytics as well as core business processes. Both translate into better insight and better execution.

For nearly a hundred years, Ironside’s partner Pitney Bowes has verified 100s of billions of global addresses. In turn, they have compiled a comprehensive portfolio of business, geographic, and industry-specific data featuring global coverage across 250 countries and territories.

In their repository are thousands of highly detailed and accurate datasets to help you understand customer segments, manage risk, and make decisions with confidence. These datasets combined with Ironside’s ability to provide strategic analysis allows clients to have insights that they have not had before.

Earlier this month, Pitney Bowes hosted its Field Kickoff Meeting in Dallas, Texas. Ironside attended the conference where CEO Tim Kreytak took the stage to present how Ironside helps clients use data to make better decisions about their business.

While there, Ironside was presented with the partner award for “Most Innovative with Data as a Differentiator” due to the progress made in the past year through the collaboration between Pitney Bowes and Ironside. This award is given to a partner who shows outstanding thought leadership and expertise in the world of data.

“Ironside is a proven expert in data analytics. By bringing together our capabilities, we see an unprecedented opportunity to deliver world-class service to our clients. This award signifies the value we see in our partnership and the level of innovation that is possible by bringing our data together with their analytic capabilities.”

-Mark Taylor, Senior VP of Software Channels, Pitney Bowes

Ironside is honored to be the recipient of this award and is looking forward to the continued partnership with Pitney Bowes in 2018 and beyond.


tim receiving most innovative award from pb

(From left: Shannon McWilliams, VP, Global Alliances at Pitney Bowes; Tim Kreytak, CEO at Ironside; Mark Taylor, Senior VP, Software Channels at Pitney Bowes; Bob Guidotti, Executive VP & President of Software at Pitney Bowes)



About Ironside

Ironside was founded in 1999 as an enterprise data and analytics solution provider and system integrator. Our clients hire us to acquire, enrich and measure their data so they can make smarter, better decisions about their business. No matter your industry or specific business challenges, Ironside has the experience, perspective and agility to help transform your analytic environment.


About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI) is a global technology company powering billions of transactions – physical and digital – in the connected and borderless world of commerce. Clients around the world, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on products, solutions, services and data from Pitney Bowes in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping, mailing, and global ecommerce. And with the innovative Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, clients can access the broad range of Pitney Bowes solutions, analytics, and APIs to drive commerce.