How Pitney Bowes’ New Data Practice Helps Our Clients Succeed

pitney bowes' new data practice team planning strategy

Yesterday, Ironside’s partner Pitney Bowes announced that they are forming a new data practice built to accelerate businesses’ digital transformation initiatives. This practice will reach across the whole company to accomplish the goal of helping organizations “utilize data and analytics to deliver a superior customer experience, support product and service innovation, and optimize business processes” according to the announcement. We see this as a major benefit for our clients.


“Our unique data assets – combined with our capabilities within Big Data, Spatial Analytics, and Machine Learning – is powering our own digital transformation. We are using this knowledge to help our clients go through similar transformations and to provide business outcomes that help improve their own customer experience.”

– Olga Lagunova, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Pitney Bowes


Since the start of Ironside and Pitney Bowes’ partnership, we’ve helped numerous clients meet their business goals through collaborative efforts across the location intelligence and data management spaces. Our partner’s formal focus on using data to transform businesses is something we anticipate will only lead to more client success stories as we combine our use case-based approach to data and analytics with Pitney Bowes’ data sets and tools. We see this as especially true in the data science area, as our CEO Tim Kreytak stated in the announcement:


“We see great potential to drive machine learning and AI capabilities leveraging the detailed industry data sets from Pitney Bowes. Our data science practice is built on helping clients to organize, enrich, report, and predict outcomes with data. We are committed to helping customers make better business decisions, and Pitney Bowes supports us to do just that.”

– Tim Kreytak, CEO, Ironside


This move by Pitney Bowes also backs up much of what we were hearing when Tim attended and spoke at their 2017 Software Analyst Summit at the beginning of this month. There’s a strong momentum building within the company around providing data management and analytics solutions to customers, and Ironside is excited to show our clients the innovations coming from Pitney Bowes and help tailor those tools to address their specific business use cases and goals.


Pitney Bowes new data practice Tim Kreytak at analyst summit 2017

Ironside CEO Tim Kreytak (far right) participates in Pitney Bowes’ 2017 Software Analyst Summit


We also found IDC’s prediction that “data analytics will double, and that data-related monetization efforts will result in companies investing in the data assets they collect by 100-fold or more” by 2020 to be very promising for our clients. This ties directly to Greg Bonnette’s presentation at the 2017 Gartner Data and Analytics Summit this week, where he spoke about data monetization models and what known value we as analytics professionals can deliver to customers using the information and tools at our disposal. Pitney Bowes’ emphasis of this prediction gives us confidence that their data practice will help deliver on that promise of monetization strategies for our clients.


Data Monetization Presentation

 Data Monetization session presented at 2017 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

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