Ironside Webinar Series: Top 3 User Enhancements in Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics Demo

On January 19th, Ironside hosted a webinar on exploring the Top 3 User Enhancements in Cognos Analytics. Scott Misage, Ironside Engagement Manager and Bob O’Donnell, IBM Senior Technical Solutions Architect, delivered an overview and a Cognos Analytics demo.

IBM Cognos Analytics offers guided, self-service capabilities designed to solve problems and seize new opportunities quickly. The agile, intuitive platform delivers a personal approach to analytics by empowering business users to solve individual or workgroup challenges on their own – while providing IT with a proven solution that can be easily scaled as business needs grow. It also integrates modeling, transformation, and administration activities into a platform more tightly linked to reporting functions, allowing an end-to-end, collaborative business intelligence experience.

Cognos Analytics demo modeling example

Scott covered the benefits for 3 personas in Cognos Analytics: Consumption, Authoring, and Modeling. Key functionality discussed included:

  • Smart Search
  • Context-Sensitive Interface Controls
  • Attractive and Intuitive Authoring Experience

According to Gartner, a “modern BI platform” should “provide agility to the competent and protect the uninitiated from their over-confidence.”

Cindi Howson, Gartner 2015.

Cognos Analytics offers several distinct benefits over previous versions of the product:

  • Provides for business user enablement and agility
  • Simple and intuitive user experience
  • Ability to start building reports directly from data and solve for the 80/20 rule of data warehousing
  • Functionality that scales as business users climb the skills curve
  • Grounded in governed metadata to address traditional BI needs
  • Same trusted and robust enterprise platform and architecture

Together, these different features are moving toward a modern BI platform that still keeps the enterprise-level power that Cognos is known for. This makes it possible to layer rich, intuitive visuals over rock-solid data handling and organization processes and bring together governance and self-service in one place.

If you need to get prepared for the transition to Cognos Analytics, make sure your teams have every advantage possible by attending one of our upcoming Bridge to Cognos Analytics courses.

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