Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A: Insider Insights

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We heard a lot of great questions during the Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A we held after our live presentation. The discussion was so productive we thought we’d roll out a transcript as an article so all of you can easily get the Cognos Analytics answers you’re searching for.

Are there any enhancements to charts or maps?

Beyond additional RAVE-based visualizations (maps are included in this), charting remains the same.

What module is specifically where the data sources are being combined (CSV and DW)?

In Cognos Analytics, they are called Data Modules.

Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A Data Module Access ExampleCognos Analytics Webinar Q&A Data Module Creation Example

Is there a concept similar to “Tableau Extract”?

In the Data Module, the “Snapshot” functionality may address a similar use case.

Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A Snapshot Mode Example

Is there a Dashboard limitation for the uploading of a personal data set? In Cognos 10.2.2, DB2 was the only supported Dashboard.

As detailed during the webinar, this data is stored in columnar format in the file system, so the need for any RDBMS to support this feature is removed.

What’s happening with Active Reports?

Active Reports are still a viable part of the mobile solution and can be created via the new report authoring environment.

Are there any specific steps required to move from 10.X to this new environment?

Migration is similar to previous versions.  A full export of the content store, the install of the new version, and the import of the content store export are required.

Is the new Dashboard creation tool the one to go on with in the future? Does this mean Connection pages and Workspace will be dropped at some point?

Connection pages have basically been dropped for the new user interface. Workspace and the new Dashboard environment will be merged into a single tool that will allow the user to create new components alongside existing ‘widgets’.

It seems Data Servers are all setup as Dynamic Query only, is this correct?


How do you launch Cognos Analytics? Is it a separate studio from the Cognos BI Server installation?

It’s the new version of Cognos so you access it with a browser as with previous versions of Cognos.

How do we get to saved output and how do we manage whether a report will run or bring up saved output?

The fly out for the individual report has a Versions option that shows the report run versions/history as well as Archived versions of the report that the user can access. The Properties option has a Schedule tab that gives the user the ability to schedule the report as in the previous versions of Cognos.

Cognos Analytics Webinar Q&A View Versions Example

Is the Data Module a replacement for My Data Sets in 10.2.2? If yes, does it supports Oracle/SQL server as a content store?

Effectively yes, however there is no longer a need for an RDBMS to support this specific functionality.

Can you drag an OLAP based report or TM1 based report onto the dashboard?

Not at the present time.

Could we personalize the colors in the user interface, like any theme customization or updating some xml file settings to match corporate colors?

Not at the present time.

Are we able to connect two different Data Sources to create a model?

Yes.  This functionality continues in Framework Manager (packages) and also is available with Data Modules (web-based modeling).

Can we deploy an existing framework to a new analytics module ?

Yes, investments made in Framework Manager models persist.

Is Cognos analytics an upgrade from 10.x?

It’s the next version of Cognos BI.  The new upgrades involve the full install of the new version and migration of content.

Why can’t we use an FM package as a source for a Dashboard?

The plan is to allow Dashboards to source off of FM packages, Data Modules, and uploaded files, assuming the administrator(s) allows dashboard access to those individual assets. Some data sources will not be good candidates for a dashboard.

Does the new Data Module rely on primary and foreign keys for the joins or just names of columns?

Data Module relationships are crafted based on similar criteria that Framework Manager uses.

Can PowerCubes can be used with Cognos 11 as a data source?


Are there any license changes?


Next Steps

If your organization needs to get up to speed on Cognos Analytics, we’ve got a whole resource center with options for any stage in the decision process. Our experts will make sure you’re prepared to successfully transition to this new, enhanced platform.