Ironside Webinar Series: IT-Driven vs. User-Driven Analytics: How to Coexist

IT-driven vs user-driven analytics concept tug of war

Ironside hosted a webinar on IT-Driven vs. User-Driven Analytics: How to Coexist. Rob Minogue, Director of Advisory Services and Scott Misage, Business Analytics Practice Lead, presented on how to bridge the gap between IT-Driven analytics and User-Driven analytics and innovative approaches to monitoring and governance.

A few talking points discussed during the webinar were:

  • The Two Sides of BI – Introducing Mode 1, Mode 2, and Bimodal Analytics
  • Starting the Conversation – How to Discuss Business and IT Needs and Who You Need in the Room
  • The Governance Question – Remaining Agile and Accurate
  • Use Cases for Coexistence – Ways of Becoming Bimodal

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