Self Service BI and Analytics IT Briefing with Dr.Claudia Imhoff at the Capital Grille – May 30th

As the velocity of business increases, business users are less willing to wait for the IT department to create custom reports and analytics. In order for customer analytics to be truly effective, they must be made available to all customer-facing personnel and attain the status of supporting fact-based decision-making used by the entire enterprise. At the same time, BI teams would like to offload report and analytics creation duties to users and focus on morevalue-added activities.

A new crop of self-service BI and analytics tools promises to empower users while liberating the BI team from ad hoc reporting tasks. To work, these tools must be easier to use than previous generations of BI tools, and give the BI team a measure of control over the semantic representation and use of back-end systems and oversight of the creation of standardized reports and dashboards for decision-making.

Join this eye opening briefing to learn about:

  • BI and analytics and the support needed for the types of information workers.

  • The objectives, techniques and technologies thatleading-edge BI teams are deploying to improve users’ ability to create ad hoc reports and analytics.

  • Guidance for setting up organizational practices to ensure that self-service BI and analytics deployments reach their objectives and don’t degenerate into chaos.

  • Best practices for getting started.

  • What do you need to do to move your company toward this fact-based decision making environment

Event Details

DATE  May 30th


The Capital Grille
10 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803


Claudia Imhoff, PhD
President and Founder
Intelligent Solutions, Inc


If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Kristin Brown at