IBM Cognos Analytics for Business Users


IBM Cognos Analytics is as rich a platform for business stakeholders as it is for enterprise IT. This course highlights Cognos Analytics’ data discovery options, showing business users how to quickly and confidently identify and act on key pieces of information as questions arise from daily activities. You’ll see the ways in which your personal and corporate data sets can be easily combined and then used to generate visualizations, dashboards, and presentations that deliver business insights in intuitive formats.


Upcoming Cognos Analytics Courses

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Course Outline

Ironside’s two-day IBM Cognos Analytics for Business Users course gives a comprehensive introduction to Cognos Analytics geared toward business stakeholder needs. We’ll explore how the platform makes it simple to combine pieces of information from different sources and display that information in meaningful, actionable ways, all without the need for IT intervention. You’ll get a practical, hands-on understanding of Cognos Analytics’ self-service functionality, empowering you to get the answers you need in time for them to matter.

Course Goals

Navigate and use the Cognos Analytics web interface.

Share content across the enterprise.

Construct several common report types.

Filter data content.

Apply security to created elements.

Upload and make relationships between personal data files.

Create highly interactive dashboards and stories.


A good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and Office is mandatory.

Table of Topics

  • Building Standard Corporate Reports
  • Controlling Created Content
  • Applying & Restricting Security
  • Accessing Personal & Corporate Data Sources
  • Applying Filters to Report Formats
  • Uploading Personal Data & Creating Custom Data Sources
  • Creating Advanced Charts & Complex Visualizations
  • Designing and Organizing Reports & Dashboards
  • Creating Stories