Private Training

If you’re looking to get a group of your staff up to speed on the latest data and analytics technologies in a familiar environment that will further streamline the transition to on-the-job tasks, you can’t do better than an Ironside private course. Our instructors are the best in the industry, and they’ll fully immerse themselves in your company and culture to make the materials relevant to your situation.

“If you have a group of potential students, an onsite class makes great business sense. You will benefit from the fact that while working with you onsite, it is our policy to be a consultant to you during your class.  We will help you answer difficult questions or problems you are encountering as well as providing a roadmap matching your needs to help you solve any trouble spots with your application.”

Wayne Estrada, Senior Technical Instructor

Cost & Context

You get the added convenience of keeping everyone in one of your home locations, further minimizing travel and providing an environment that’s perfectly suited to converting the theories explored into practical day-to-day work applications.

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