association rules for data mining concept standing out

On February 11th, Ironside hosted a webinar on Association Rules for Data Mining: Beyond Market Basket Analysis. Pamela Askar, Data Scientist at Ironside, presented on how to conduct association rules for data mining using SPSS Modeler.

Association Rules are powerful techniques that can search through very large sets of seemingly random data to detect probabilistic if- then statements, such as “If you watched Breaking Bad and House of Cards, then you are also likely to enjoy Mad Men.” It is most commonly used for market basket analysis such as this, which aims to find patterns in purchases, web searches or viewing preferences, but has many other valuable applications. It can be used for classification, prediction or data reduction.

A few of Pam’s talking points discussed during the webinar were:

  • What are association rules?
  • How to apply association rules, evaluate the results, and score test data
  • How to apply association rules to use cases beyond the classic market basket analysis
  • Key terminology

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