On February 11th, Ironside hosted a webinar on Association Rules for Data Mining: Beyond Market Basket Analysis. Pamela Askar, Data Scientist at Ironside, presented on how to conduct association rules for data mining using SPSS Modeler. Read more

IBM SPSS Modeler 17 and Statistics 23 were officially released at the beginning of March 2015. There are several important changes in licensing structure and system infrastructure, as well as many innovative new functionality enhancements. This article will briefly introduce the enhancements added to Modeler 17 from a practical perspective. Something worth noting as you begin exploring this most recent round of upgrades is that Analytics Server will be heavily leveraged in a lot of these new features. Read more

On June 17th, Ironside hosted a Customer Analytics for the Informed Executive webinar exploring how advanced analytics can help businesses attract and retain customers. This webinar reviews a variety of data science methods that can utilize extensive existing data to provide guidance on many functional areas within a company. Read more

Use the SPSS Modeler Text Analytics Add-On to Monitor Social Media

As channels of social media penetrate people’s daily life more extensively and intensively, bad reviews and negative opinions travel faster than ever before. Research and surveys have shown that people are far more likely to spread the word about bad experience than a favorable one . Social media, by providing numerous opportunities for word-spreading, escalates this process. It is in the best interest of businesses to monitor comments on social media in real time. Read more

Ironside is proud to announce the launch of its innovation center with a number of exciting new packaged Ironside solutions built on the IBM Business Analytics and Information Management portfolio. These solutions are designed to accelerate and multiply client return on investment and address specific functional and industry business problems. Be sure to contact us or stop by our booth at IBM Information on Demand next week to speak to our industry and functional solution experts in person. Read more

In September, Ironside public training classes will start being offered near Philadelphia and in Washington, D.C. as part of the firm’s expansion into the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

The move expands the reach of an IBM Cognos, SPSS and TM1 training practice that has earned rave reviews from customers at private classes across the country and at public training classes in cities such as Boston, Detroit, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale.

Ironside public training in IBM Cognos has been available since the firm’s founding in 1999 in Massachusetts. We recently began offering SPSS and TM1 classes as well.

The expansion of Ironside public training offerings comes at a time when IBM is getting out of the training business and leaving the job of increasing adoption of IBM business analytics software to its top business partners.

Ironside is a full-service IBM Premier Business partner, offering software resale, training, and consulting across the full suite of IBM business analytics products, including SPSS, Cognos BI, and TM1.

The Mid-Atlantic training expansion begins with a September 9 IBM Cognos Active Report Class in King of Prussia, PA. Ironside will offer IBM Cognos Workspace and Workspace Advanced (2 days) and IBM Cognos Multidimensional Report Authoring (2 days) classes later in that same week.

During the week of September 23, Ironside is offering an IBM Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals (3 days) and/or Advanced (2 days) training class in Washington, D.C.

The week of September 30 features an IBM Cognos Framework Manager Fundamentals and/or advanced class in King of Prussia.

Additional classes have been scheduled through November. Visit the Ironside public training schedule for the full listing of all public classes in Washington, D.C., King of Prussia, and other cities in the eastern U.S.

At Ironside, we write our own full color training manuals. The curriculum is continually informed by the experiences of our 70 plus consultants and taught by our best in breed instructors, who all have experience as former IBM instructors.

For information about Ironside IBM Cognos, SPSS, or TM1 offerings, to request a particular class be held, or for pricing on private classes – contact Steven Kreytak at 781 860 -8840 x284 or at

In mid-June, Ironside successfully launched the first course in our line of IBM SPSS course offerings: IBM SPSS Modeler Fundamentals. This launch is a key moment that marks the beginning of a new educational journey for the Ironside training division. The new course set us off on a running start, and we intend to keep the momentum going in the coming months.

We are happy to announce that two more SPSS course offerings, IBM SPSS Modeler Advanced and Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics, are currently in development and will be launching at the end of this summer. These courses build upon the foundation of our first SPSS course and also branch out our practice to cover more SPSS product lines.

IBM SPSS Modeler Advanced gives you the opportunity to experience the finer subtleties of Modeler’s data preparation functionality. The course explores the many options Modeler gives you for bringing in data from different sources and turning that data into a powerful asset that will generate the most robust predictive models possible. The Ironside instructors teaching this course have many years of professional experience to draw upon, allowing them to give practical, applicable examples of how Modeler can help you define, clean, and restructure your data. This course will give you all the tools and knowledge necessary to manage your data effectively and get the kind of meaningful results that will drive your organization forward.

Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics gives you access to another powerful product in the SPSS suite. In this course, you will get a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of Statistics and learn to control them to produce actionable results. Under the practiced guidance of our instructors, you will navigate the Statistics program, bring in and explore data files, consolidate data, and work closely with variables to understand the flow of activities within Statistics and find that analysis methods that best address your business questions.

The first SPSS Modeler Advanced course will run from August 14th to August 15th in Lexington, MA and the first Introduction to Statistics course will run from September 9th to September 10th, also  in Lexington, MA.  Additionally, we will be offering the Introduction to Data Mining and SPSS Modeler course again from September 11th to September 12th at the Lexington training site.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing you these new SPSS course offerings, and hope to see you at one of the upcoming training sessions!


Thomas Friedman’s book “The World Is Flat” describes how outsourcing, technology, and other factors helped level the business playing field around the globe. What if traditional barriers to entry for using big data and business analytics were removed? Would small to mid-sized businesses be able to compete more effectively with larger organizations? IBM has made it possible to answer these questions and many more for its customers who leverage IBM Analytic Answers. Read more

There has been a lot of less-than-positive press in headlines recently about the Higher Education market as a whole. In fact, these types of articles seem increasingly easy to find these days. Please feel free to follow the links provided below to view a few articles that illustrate this point. Read more

NECUG Meeting

September 22nd, 2011

Littleton, MA


8:30 – 9:00 am Registration

9:00 am – 9:15 am Welcome and Introduction

9:15 – 10:00
am Dashboard Design Tips

(Featuring IBM Cognos 8.4 and a SQL Server Database)

Presenter(s): Greg Novotony, Architect, Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics

Greg will discuss best practices for designing dashboards and will build a stacked portal page on the fly.
(stacked, meaning one portal page nested inside another)The portal will have both horizontal and vertical tabs (allows user 1 point of entry for 30-40 pre-run reports) The underlying reports will be visually appealing (increases user adoption) and will include a combination of object types (list, crosstabs, charts, heatmaps,etc.)The underlying reports will be pre-run, but may include drill through links to more detailed data

10:00 – 10:45 am Automating Administration & the BI Life-Cycle

(Featuring MotioCI 2.1 & MotioPI 2.5)

Presenter(s): Adam Bonneau Senior Software Developer & Lead Feature Developer at Motio Duke University: BSE Civil Engineering, BS Economics, BA Public Policy, Honor Societies Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, & Chi Epsilon;

Founded in 1999, Motio is the leader and largest 3rd party Cognos software technology provider; building solutions targeted at automating and address standard Cognos process and challenges. All uniquely innovated (some weakly imitated) our solutions range from 100% and Complete BI Change Management, Automatic Report Testing, and Cognos Stress Testing, to Cognos Admin Utility Solutions, Mass Report Spec Analysis and Documentation, and BI Output Storage and Retention.  With thousands of software customers, ranging from mom-and-pop to Fortune 10, and the largest Cognos customers in the world, our applications are designed to scale, address broad BI challenges, and deliver to any organization seeking better managed and more effective BI.

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Data Virtualization

Presenter(s): Jason Hull

11:45 am IBM??

12:00 pm Lunch Networking

12:45 – 1:30 pm “Ask The Experts” Round Table

1:30-2:15 pm Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler

Presenter(s): Daniel Hess, Jing Yin, Technical Consultant at The Ironside Group

(Featuring IBM SPSS Modeler 14)

Jing will discuss how organizations can take advantage of the predictive power of data mining to automate decisions to achieve business goals and deliver better results. The presentation will include a demo session to show how to use IBM SPSS Modeler to build a data mining stream to quickly identity trends behind the data. The demo will highlight on some of the advanced features of SPSS Modeler including automated data preparation and modeling, result visualization, IBM Cognos integration etc.

Portfolio Items