New Course Launch: Applying Visualizations in Cognos Explores the Cutting Edge of Business Analytics

person painting applying visualizations concept

Ironside is excited to announce the launch of one of our most innovative and dynamic courses to date: Applying Visualizations in Cognos. Demonstrating our continued commitment to remaining at the forefront of business analytics education, this two-day course will help you unlock the true potential of your organization’s mission-critical data by showing you how to craft it into highly impactful, highly consumable visual formats using the IBM Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine (RAVE).
RAVE Visualization
Becoming well-versed in RAVE itself and where you can implement it in Cognos is only one aspect of what this course has to offer. In addition to teaching you how visualizations work in Cognos, we’ll also show you why they work by providing insights into the information design theories, best practices, and natural human responses that form the basis for RAVE’s functionality. Ironside’s instructors will help you bring together theory and technology to create solutions that answer your organization’s business analysis questions at the speed of a glance.

Applying Visualizations in Cognos

In terms of structure, the Applying Visualizations in Cognos course will begin by introducing students to the information design theories that inform visualizations, move into an overview of the Cognos tools that allow visualizations, including Report Studio, Workspace, and Workspace Advanced, and then finish with in-depth explorations of the visualization options available through Cognos. Hands-on workshops and demos will help reinforce the course’s main points of study with practical use cases and scenarios. The list below details the core course modules:

  • Effective Information Design through Visualization
  • Visualization Guidelines and Types
  • Cognos as a Visualization Engine
  • Static Visualizations
  • Active Visualizations
  • Dashboarding with Visualizations
  • Custom Visualizations

If you would like to learn more about this groundbreaking new learning opportunity, please get in touch with us at We can direct you toward a public course session in your area, schedule a private session for a group at your location, or even generate a customized version of the course specific to your environment. We hope to see you in the classroom soon!