3 Things To Do After Adaptive Live 2018

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People choose to attend a conference like Adaptive Live for various reasons. This year, some spent four days training, networking and gaining new insights to take on the journey to better planning. My colleagues and I enjoyed the conversations and learned a lot about Adaptive Insights and more importantly, what customers do or need. Every interaction has value at a conference and what you do with that experience is important.

Here are three things I recommend that you do immediately to make the most of your experience:

1. Solidify the New Knowledge You Have Gained

Lots of information was shared and you want to maximize the value of what you learned at Adaptive Live. You can utilize the phone application or the website (via the initial email) and download any collateral shared. Combine that with any notes or thoughts you may remember. Maybe you learned something with immediate value and other things to add to your journey. These ideas could have come from your conversations, sessions or training. Start investigating what you can implement in the short term, what needs more thought and what needs to be discussed with internal or external partners.


*In case you missed it, download the Tips & Tricks session I presented on “It’s Not Rocket Science (It’s Data Science!)

2. Demonstrate the ROI To Your Sponsor

Someone likely made the decision to spend the money and provide you with flexibility to attend the conference. Make sure they learn of the value you and the organization received from the investment. Share the knowledge with a wider team and create recommendations. Be sure to articulate how this will save time, money and most importantly add value. Everyone likes to cut costs, but how can you improve revenue opportunities? To the wider team, how can you become a better business partner?


  • Create new reports or Discovery dashboards to gain buy-in for the process and validate results
  • Setup a lunch and learn for your coworkers or a wider team to increase everyone’s return
  • Create a 90-day or 12-month plan for enhancements and review it with the team

3. Build Your Network

Follow up with your new network. You never know when you will need help or when others will need help from you. This can range from specific Adaptive Insights questions, vertical experience or even job opportunities. Do not wait, connect on LinkedIn, it’s quick and easy. Most accept when you add a personal note.

I’d like to connect and hear about your experience and take-aways.  We learn more together.

adaptive liveReach out to potential new partners. This may sound a bit selfish, but you never know who can fulfill a specific need, offer the best solution or be available when you need it most.

If your great new contact is not on LinkedIn, send a personal email to solidify the connection. Don’t ask for anything, just remind them of your conversation and thank them. You are setting the stage for a more meaningful relationship. (Maybe take the long weekend to recover, but don’t wait any longer).

I had a great time, learned something new and widened my network. Now I need start on my action plan so my boss will send me to Adaptive Live again next year!

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