Ironside and Domo Partner for Flexible Self-Service Analytics

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Ironside’s partners help us empower our clients and deliver value from data and analytics using the best technology for their particular business needs, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve added Domo to that list. Domo’s flexible, collaborative, and intuitive platform represents a strong approach to modern self-service analytics, and being a Domo partner lets us bring our clients actionable insights from diverse data sources even in low-IT environments.

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Why Domo?

When it comes to integrating and serving up data in visually appealing formats quickly, Domo performs very well. It requires a smaller time investment to both learn and build in than many of the other tools available in the space. Domo takes away a large chunk of this overhead with its massive array of prebuilt data source connections, easy access design templates, self-service apps, and cloud availability across any device.

With this low barrier of entry working in its favor, Domo has a wide range of potential usage scenarios:

Jeff McCusker Domo partner image“I feel that Domo is a great addition to the Ironside portfolio.  We have received some tremendous feedback from our clients about Domo’s ease of use, visualizations, and mobile and social capabilities as well as its ability to add data from virtually every source.”


– Jeff McCusker, Relationship Manager, Ironside

How It Works

In terms of getting your organization ready for a Domo deployment, there’s not much to say, and that’s an advantage. The platform is fully cloud-based, meaning there’s little to no overhead in terms of installation and configuration. This structure also means Domo will dynamically update whenever new functionality becomes available (no migrations or upgrades). There’s also a freemium version of the tool available so you can land, test, and then expand if it seems like Domo is a good fit.

Once you’re added to a Domo cloud instance, you can begin bringing in your data sources using their large library of built-in connectors. If you want to visualize data that other Domo customers have already worked on in the past, you may be able to use a QuickStart app to get a fully functional dashboard in minutes. You’ll then work with other members of your organization on the data you feed in to design cards containing different data sets and visualizations that you can dynamically combine to build out dashboards relevant to the various objectives driving your business goals. Throughout this process, Domo will provide intelligent suggestions on visualization formats and update you with comments from your peers and changes from your data sources.

There are a few key elements to know that will help you get started quickly with Domo:

  • Connector Library: Where Domo stores a variety of preconfigured connectors for data sources so you can get hooked up to the information you need fast.
  • Domo Appstore: Where new custom apps developed by Domo partner organizations and customers are available for download. This is where to find QuickStart apps, which are optimized to connect to and begin analyzing popular sources like Salesforce or Adobe Analytics, and other apps optimized around specific industries, business cases, and roles.
  • Buzz: Domo’s free collaboration solution that functions as a social media hub for business around data. Allows back and forth communication between your team members, easy incorporation of data and visualizations from your Domo instance, file sharing, and third-party app integration.
  • Card Builder: Domo’s visualization engine where you create widgets containing information from your data sources. Includes smart suggestions whenever you bring in a data source that recommend dashboard layouts and visualization formats.
  • Magic: Domo’s drag-and-drop ETL tool where you can do some quick integration of the data sources you’re bringing in before analysis.

Greg Bonnette Domo Partner Image“We like Domo for our customers who don’t have lots of IT resources at their disposal, and want to get to initial results extremely fast. For a long time we have wrestled with the time to value for data warehousing and BI projects, and what Domo does really well is it gets our customers to early results faster than most of the alternatives in the marketplace. It can also be leveraged by IT teams to buy goodwill and time to do things right on the back end by delivering value to the business early and often. It helps to diffuse those long tail/big bang data warehouse initiatives.”

– Greg Bonnette, VP Strategy & Innovation, Ironside

Next Steps: Ironside as Your Domo Partner

Put plainly, Ironside helps you make Domo’s fast time to value even faster. Our levels of expertise let us support your Domo instance from end to end, including:

Mark Dillon“Ironside’s expertise in helping business leaders get more value from data makes them a great fit as a Domo partner. We appreciate their focus on delivering the best outcomes for Domo users and their commitment to help enterprise business leaders better leverage their data and people to improve business results.”


– Mark Dillon, SVP of Channels, Domo

If you’re curious about getting started with Domo, Ironside can help. Our experts will work with you and your users to define a tailored roadmap that incorporates Domo seamlessly into your greater analytics strategy and use case requirements. We’re excited to give you the tools you need to efficiently and effectively capitalize on your data resources.



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